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Tips for Buying a Head Torch for your Scout

The first thing to understand when choosing the right Head Torch for your Scout is that cost equals brightness. The next thing to understand is at camp Scouts regularly lose and break things and sometimes your Scouts do not bring home all the gear they packed. While it’s tempting, sometimes it is better to resist the fancy “flash gear” so as not to be over invested in the equipment for a young person. In an environment that is exciting, challenging and distracting, particularly when they are overtired, it’s little wonder Scouts sometimes lose things!

Brightness Guide

A brighter torch obviously means you can make out objects further into the distance, and see close objects more clearly. The brightness of a light is measured in Lumens, the higher the number, the brighter the light.

Brightness (in Lumens)Price GuideWhat activity this Head Torch is suited for
20-50 $30-$40 Adequate for activities such as cooking, reading a book, finding the bathroom in a dark hostel, or as a back up light.
60-100 $50-$80 Activities that start to involve a lot of movement. If you plan on hiking at night, finishing a climb in the dark, or setting up a tent after sunset.
100-300 $90+ Is built for using at speed or for seeing long distances in bad weather. Best for uses like off-track hiking, trail running, cycling, mountaineering, orienteering, animal spotting etc.

Other practical tips:

  • Look for a battery life of 2hrs if run/commuting on urban partially lit streets; a minimum of 3hrs if heading off on a bigger expedition.
  • Save your neck muscles, always keep it as lightweight as possible. Think about the weight distribution of where the batteries sit and try out where possible.
  • Red light setting – less disruptive for night vision so useful for night navigation exercises.

Suitable Options

SNOWGUM Vulcan Head Torch (60 lumen) - $19.95

Scout Outdoor Centre LED LENSER H7 (170 lumens) - $120.00

For further information: Cotswold Outdoor - A GUIDE TO CHOOSING A HEADTORCH, by Simon James.

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