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Scouts Australia National News - August 2017

Youth Program

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The New Australian Scout Promise and Law

With the adoption by the Scouts Australia National Council on the 22nd of July 2017, Australian Scouts now have a choice of two versions of the Promise and a new Law.

The wording for the Australian Scout Promise and Law was developed after extensive research, consultation and feedback from members, incorporating the thoughts and needs of the next generation of young Australians.

The Chief Commissioner of Scouts Australia, Chris Bates, is delighted with the outcome. “Scouting values are as relevant as ever to help young people navigate their way through modern life.”

“Both versions of our Promise express Scouting’s core values and have been endorsed by World Scouting. Scouts will now have the choice of either option depending on personal preferences.”

The two versions of the Australian Scout Promise are:

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The wording of Australian Scout Law is:

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Promise and Law Resources Available September

Since the adoption of the new Promise and Law, a team has been preparing Promise and Law resources to aid implementation across all Sections. There’s a Discussion Guide, Spirituality Tools and a heap of program ideas. All will be available online from early September. Posters will be sent to Groups shortly.

Why not build the introduction of our new Promise and Law into your program next term?

Here’s some notes to get you started:

  • We have one Promise with two versions. It is up to each member to follow the Promise of their choice. A Group does not decide the Promise for its members.
  • The Law is simple:
    • Be respectful
    • Do what is right
    • Believe in myself
  • All other words help to unpack the Law.
  • Youth members do not have to remember the Promise and Law immediately. What’s important is their understanding of the Promise and Law and how we learn to live by them.
  • Spirituality is the deep feelings or beliefs of a person regarding their purpose, connection to others and the meaning of life. Spirituality isn’t only about religion.

These changes are a great opportunity for all members to stop and reflect on their personal commitment to our Promise and Law, what they mean and how they can help create a better world through their actions.


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Pioneers - Leading the Way for Australian Scouting

Is your program adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive? Is your Group filled with pioneers willing to take risks and lead the way for others? Would you like to be part of an exciting new adventure?

If yes, then your Group should become Pioneers of the new Youth Program, testing it for us in 2018, ready for national implementation in 2019.

There’s a few requirements including:

  • The whole Group needs to agree to participate
  • There will be training to attend
  • Others will want to visit and see the new program in action
  • Things like youth involvement and Plan>Do>Review and our new Method will need to be implemented before starting.

To find out more head to the YPR website. Applications close soon!


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YPR Online Workshop – Feedback Closes August 27th

Since November 2016, Branch YPR teams have been running workshops about the new program across Australia. Thousands of members have attended the presentations and provided feedback about many aspects of the program.

To ensure you have your chance to provide feedback, view the online videos, read the Concept Handbook and then complete the online survey. The resources will stay on the website but the survey closes August 27th. Have your say here.


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Keeping Section Names, Leader Names and Section Colours

While the transformation of Scouting is a significant and exciting undertaking, Scouts Australia is committed to ensuring that Scouting remains relevant and attractive to future generations of Scouts. As consultation continues, we are pleased that many members are openly discussing their thoughts with regard to the proposed new program. Scouts Australia is considering this feedback together with research from the wider community. 


Leader Names

Scouts Australia needs to ensure that the concept of Leadership and leading is focused on youth members. This means finding a term for Adults in Scouting that accurately reflects the crucial support role they play. Symbolic frameworks for Sections are likely to be the basis for terminology for Adults in Scouting. First names and nicknames also help reinforce intergenerational teams. As Symbolic Frameworks are yet to be determined, for now, the term ‘Leader’ will continue to be used to refer to Adults in Scouting.


Section Colours

There are no plans to change Section colours. In the future, as we look to experts to advise us on updating our public image, this may be discussed again, but would need to demonstrate significant benefit for the organisation.


Section Names

There has been mixed feedback regarding the concept of updating the names of our sections. Therefore, there are currently no plans to recommend changes to the names of each section. This topic was originally raised by youth members. There was especially, a concern that four of our five sections have a name to identify their section (E.g. Joey Scouts) but our middle section is simply Scouts. Should they be called Explorer Scouts, Pioneer Scouts or even Adventurer Scouts? We need to let the community know we are all Scouts, and then identify the age appropriate section. Do we need to add another name to the Scout section? This is a discussion for another day.


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Messengers of Peace

World Scouting is on its way to 1 billion hours of service hours recorded on the Messengers of Peace calculator on Already Australian Scouts have logged 1.7 million hours in 294 projects on the worldmap. Any Scout can log their Messengers of Peace hours. For more information on Messengers of Peace requirements, log onto Scout Central and click on the Messengers of Peace Guides for each section.

To register your program on World Scouting’s calculator, and see where the Australian tally is up to, go to

You’ll then be able to see your project appear on World Scouting’s website, plus you can earn the Messengers of Peace badge available from

Patrick Murphy, a member of 1st Doncaster East Cub Scout Pack writes about his Messengers of Peace project below.

In May this year I was lucky enough to be the first Cub Scout in Manningham district to be awarded with the Messenger of Peace badge.

I earned this badge by coordinating a winter food drive for local charity Doncare over 4 weeks. I collected food through two groups, my Cub Pack and my school. My school has over 400 families so by writing to them through the school newsletter I was able to raise a full car load of groceries and toiletries for people in need within my community. I also got to see first hand what work Doncare do for people who are struggling. I felt lucky to help them and the experience was very satisfying. I am grateful for the opportunity and for receiving my badge.


New Youth Program Team Members

Youth Program has two new team members joining the National Support Team in Chatswood who will support the implementation of the new Youth Program. Clair Udy from NSW and Tom Bettison from WA join the Program Team Leader, Emma Watson to combine their skills and move the new Program forward.

Tom is a Rover Scout and Scout Leader at Mundaring Scout Group on the outskirts of Perth, first joining Scouts as a Joey Scout. He is a graduate of the Young Leader Development Program, has achieved his Queen’s Scout Award, the St George Award and is working towards his Baden-Powell Scout Award. He has also been on the Branch Youth Council. He’ll be continuing to study Economics and Management at Curtin University online.

Clair is the NSW Deputy Chief Commissioner for Program Transformation and is an Assistant Leader at Peats Ridge Scout Group. She started as a Scout at Tilligerry in NSW. Clair has held many Scouting roles from Crew Leader to BRC Chair, and is a National Assessor on the National Training Team. She has a passion for outdoor education and has for the past eight years worked professionally for many outdoor education organisations. She has a Diploma of Outdoor Recreation and professional qualifications in bushwalking, kayaking and abseiling and climbing. Through her work she has helped hundreds of young people learn new outdoor skills.

Both Clair and Tom are passionate about Scouting and are enthusiastic about the role they will play in moving Scouts Australia towards the future.

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Adult Recognition Awards

Scouts Australia extends sincere congratulations to all our Leaders and supporters who received an Adult Recognition Award on World Scout Day 2017. A total of 1140 awards were presented to Australian Leaders, Members and Supporters for outstanding service to Scouting. The following 12 Leaders received a Silver Kangaroo award, the highest award given to adult members in an active Leadership role, over a long period, in a number of roles at various levels within the organisation, or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting.

  • Robert Lang (NSW)
  • Stephen Mccann (NSW)
  • Jeanette Wood (NSW)
  • Harry Long (SA)
  • David Bryar (Victoria)
  • Ian Lancaster (Victoria)
  • Elizabeth Landsberg (Victoria)
  • Robert Motton (Victoria)
  • Ann Maree Naughtin (Victoria)
  • Geoffrey Naughtin (Victoria)
  • Philip Raston (WA)
  • Marilyn Hall (WA)

The following 11 Members and Supporters received a National President’s Award, for eminent achievement and exceptional service to Scouts Australia by adult members and supporters, over a long period in a number of significant roles within the organisation, or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting.

  • Dorothy Ramsden (NSW)
  • Jeanette Lowick (QLD)
  • Robert Beacham (Victoria)
  • Donald Cuff (Victoria)
  • Lynette Donald (Victoria)
  • Alexander Forrest (Victoria)
  • Peter Ingram (Victoria)
  • Kenneth Kinloch (Victoria)
  • John McGowan (Victoria)
  • David McNish (Victoria)
  • Raymond Weston (Victoria)

To read the full list of recipients, click here.


Lord Baden-Powell Society

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Lord Baden-Powell Society Congratulates Adult Recognition Award Recipients

The Lord Baden-Powell Society congratulates all recipients of the Scouts Australia Adult Recognition Awards for 2017, recognising the exceptional contribution they have made to the Movement.

Two Society Members have been named as recipients. Alexander Forrest from Victoria received the National President's Award. This is awarded for eminent achievement and exceptional service to Scouts Australia by Adult Members and Supporters, over a long period in a number of significant roles within the organisation, or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting.

Peter Walton OAM CF from Western Australia was awarded the Silver Emu. This award recognises further distinguished service to Scouts Australia by an Adult Member in an active Leadership role, for a period of at least four or five years since the Award of the Silver Koala. It is expected that such further distinguished service is at a consistently high level, over a number of assignments and at a number of levels within a Branch or at a National level, resulting in further significant contributions to the wellbeing of Scouting.


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Lord Baden-Powell Society Supporting International Scouting

During the month of August, the World Scout Moot brought together 5000 Scouts from around the world, including 500 from Australia, for an adventurous international Scout camp in the unique environment of Iceland. For four Australian Scouts, attending the World Scout Moot became more achievable thanks to financial support provided by the Lord Baden-Powell Society.

Recently returning from their international adventure, one recipient of support from the Society recalled their journey to Iceland and the experiences that it provided. “From walking on a glacier, to hiking volcanoes, the World Scout Moot was a fantastic opportunity that epitomised the values of Scouting.”

If you would like more information on the Lord Baden-Powell Society, head to the Lord Baden-Powell Society website.


Part Time Position Vacancy - Member Services

The Lord Baden-Powell Society is excited to announce a vacancy within Member Services. The position is an administrative based part-time role; working 14 hours per week. The position is based in Chatswood NSW.

If you are looking for a rewarding role that supports Youth Scouting Members to attend Australia wide and international Scouting events, please click here for further details.


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McHappy Day 14 October - Sign Up by September 11 2017

Scouts in Australia are once again invited to participate in McHappy Day 2017 on Saturday 14th of October. This will be the 11th year of Scouts Australia’s official participation, helping raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities which support seriously ill children around Australia. All Scouts who participate will be given a commemorative blanket badge.

Did you know?

The Ronald McDonald House Program

These Houses provide a home away from home for families of seriously ill children being treated at nearby hospitals. In particular, Ronald McDonald Houses provide accommodation to families from rural and regional areas that would otherwise need to pay for hotels during their child’s hospital treatment.

The Ronald McDonald Family Room Program

The Family Rooms provide a relaxing haven for families within hospitals to have a break from the stress of many hours spent by their child’s bedside.

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program

Children being treated from serious illness often miss out on school, so to help them catch up, the Learning Program matches kids up with tutors to ensure they don’t miss out.

The Ronald McDonald Family Retreat Program

The Family Retreats provide families with seriously ill children a week’s free accommodation, enabling them to reconnect and enjoy a break when they most need it and can least afford it.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

This takes specialised health care professionals to children in regional and remote areas.

Register your Group’s participation for McHappy Day on the online form here.


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Bunnings and Scouts

Bunnings is proud to support and assist Scouts Australia, and will be continuing to do so during their Father’s Day Campaign, which runs 16th August to 2nd September. Why Father’s Day? Bunnings know from experience how involving parents in Group life is important for Scouting to thrive in local communities.

The Bunnings Community BBQ is a favourite and effective fundraiser for many Scout Groups, but there are also many other ways Bunnings stores support their local Scout Groups. It may be work needed in the Scout hall, a hand with fundraising, or helping the local Group promote itself in the local community.

Bunnings stores will be contacting their local Scout Groups shortly to see how they can best help them. If they support you during this time we’d also love to see any photos of Scout Groups and Bunnings activities– particularly any ‘before’ and ‘after’ work done around Scout Halls! Send your photos to


Scouting on Sunrise

Did you see Scouts on Sunrise on the 10th of July? Thanks to the many early rising Scouts from NSW (and those interstate visitors who also turned up), we were able to showcase the fun that Scouts enjoy to the rest of Australia for three hours from a frosty 5.30am. Along the way we made Sam the weatherman from Sunrise an honorary Scout for the day - although he proved no match for our Scouts in putting up a tent!



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60 Years of Jamboree on the Air

Are you participating in JOTA-JOTI this year? To be held on the 20th, 21st and 22nd October, 2017 marks the 60th Anniversary of the first Jamboree on the Air and the 21st Anniversary of the first Jamboree on the Internet.

Sixty years ago, Les Mitchell G3BHK (SK), seeing the success of the 9th World Scout Jamboree in Sutton Park England in 1957, launched the first Jamboree on the Air. JOTA-JOTI is now the largest Scouting event in the world with over 1 million Scouts and Girl Guides of all ages in 150+ countries participating.

As Brett Nicholas, the new Scouts Australia National JOTA-JOTI Co-ordinator and radio enthusiast points out:

“The world is changing at a rapid technological rate. There is a lot of focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education. It is vital that we start preparing our youth for the coming challenges. JOTA-JOTI provides a great opportunity to ignite that spark that may just lead to a career in STEM. Many of our current technologists, engineers and scientists got their start in amateur radio, often introduced via Scouting.”

Join an estimated 1 million Scouts making connections with fellow Scouts all over the world. To find out more, contact the JOTA-JOTI contact in your Branch here.


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International Sailing Opportunity

Are you a keen sailor, kayaker, rower or swimmer keen to represent your country at the 28th New Zealand National Scout Regatta 2017? Scouts Australia will be sending a team of 20 participants to compete in this event. Applications are now open until 5pm Friday 25th August. Find out more here.


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Last Chance to Apply for International Contingent Management Positions

Australian Contingent Leader positions are open for the following four events:

  • 76th New Zealand Rover Moot 2018
  • Roverway 2018 in the Netherlands
  • JamboRí 2018 – Ireland’s National Jamboree
  • Nippon Scout Jamboree 2018

All of these applications will close at 5pm on Friday 25 August 2017, with appointments planned as soon as possible thereafter. Find out more on the Scouts Australia International Website.


Scout Shop

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World Scout Scarf Day Badge Now Available

On World Scout Day (1st August), members were encouraged to wear their scarves to work, school or in their everyday activities. Scout Shop are now selling commemorative blanket badges for 2017. Order your badge here.


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Scout Shop Now Supporting Scouting in Your State

Did you know that every purchase on Scout Shop returns proceeds to Scouting, and now state Branches are benefitting as well? Scout Shop is building its range of Scout-suitable outdoor and camping clothing and gear suitable for non-Scouts as well. So next time you hear someone looking for a great sleeping bag, tent or pair of hiking boots refer them to Scout Shop and keep the benefits within Scouting!


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Tips for Buying a Head Torch for your Scout

The first thing to understand when choosing the right Head Torch for your Scout is that cost equals brightness. The next thing to understand is at camp Scouts regularly lose and break things and sometimes your Scouts do not bring home all the gear they packed. While it’s tempting, sometimes it is better to resist the fancy “flash gear” so as not to be over invested in the equipment for a young person. In an environment that is exciting, challenging and distracting, particularly when they are overtired, it’s little wonder Scouts sometimes lose things!

To continue reading our tips on buying a head torch, head here!


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A New Edition of Policy and Rules - August 2017

The most recent edition of Policy and Rules is now available for free download from the Scouts Australia website.

The new Promise and Law has now been incorporated into the document, as well as updates to our official definitions of Duty to God, Duty to Others and Duty to Self, which were all adopted by the National Council on the 22 July 2017.

Scouts Australia has also updated the Scout Method in preparation for implementation of the new Youth Program. Scouts Australia’s work in this area aligns with the Scout Method review recently conducted by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. The aim of our review has been to ensure the Scout Method is able to be consistently applied and understood throughout the organisation. Further information on the Scout Method will be provided to Groups as they start to apply the new Youth Program.

Another important change to Policy and Rules is the revision of the Code of Conduct for Adults involved in Scouting. The Code is a personal commitment, aiming to protect all members of Scouting. It applies to all members over the age of 18, regardless of location and role, when engaging with young people and adults in any form. This includes face to face contact and using technology such as on-line formats. Parents and guardians who wish to actively participate in Scouting activities must also follow this Code.

“I will set an example that I would wish others to follow. Therefore, I will:

  • respect the dignity of myself and others.
  • demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility,
  • recognise at all times that my words and actions are an example to other members of the Movement.
  • act at all times in accordance with the Promise and Law, Code of Ethics and this Code of Conduct, thereby setting a suitable example for all.
  • not use the Movement to promote my own beliefs, behaviours or practices.
  • adhere to the Scouts Australia Child Protection Policy and provide a safe environment for youth members participating in the Scout Program, their parents or guardians and visitors.
  • report any conduct seen or heard that does not comply with this Code of Conduct to the appropriate Scouting person."

Download and view the latest version of Policy and Rules here.


Training News

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A Little Bit Extra to Get a Lot More

Did you know that you can get Qualifications from your Scouting experiences? Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Adult Members can all use your experiences in Scouting to gain Qualifications from the Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT).

  • Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts who have been participating in the award scheme and getting badges can use your experiences to gain Qualifications in Business or Outdoor Recreation.
  • Rover Scouts and Adult Members who have completed Leadership training can use your experiences to gain Qualifications in Leadership and Management or Outdoor Recreation.

The Scouts Australia award scheme and adult training meet the needs of Scouting and you can use these experiences and with just a little bit extra effort you can achieve a Qualification. Depending on the evidence that you already have, the little bit extra may be as small as having a conversation with a Scouts Australia Institute of Training Assessor.

For more information on how to achieve these qualifications, click here.