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Scouts Australia National News - November 2016

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Congratulations, Belinda, the Cub100 Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Belinda Robins for winning the Cub100 Australia Zoo Competition! The mother from Aberdeen, NSW has won an all expenses paid family holiday to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to visit Australia Zoo! The Robins family will spend two nights at the Oaks Oasis Resort, and see Scout, the tiger cub named to celebrate the centenary of Cub Scouts.


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We're Seeking Change Makers - Join the National Youth Council!

We’re seeking change makers. Scouts are encouraged to apply for membership of the Scouts Australia National Youth Council (NYC). If you’re keen to collaborate with Scouts from around Australia and be involved with influencing decision making, the NYC is for you!

This opportunity will help you build confidence, professionalism and personal skills in a wide range of areas and is a chance to fight for causes you embrace. For more information on the work of the National Youth Council, and how to join the Council, head to Applications close 24th December 2016.


Get Set as AV2018 Applications are NOW OPEN!!

Applications for AV2018, hosted in sunny Queensland are now open. If you’re a Venturer Scout aged from 14 and who do not have their 18th birthday prior the 2nd of January 2018 you’re able to come to AV2018 as a participant. If you’re 18 years or older at the time of cut off, never fear as you can attend as a Unit or Service Leader and they have just as much fun.

For more information on AV2018 and to apply head to and follow the links. The latest information is always released through the AV2018 Facebook Page.

Get set for the summer of your life at AV2018!


Scout Groups Raise $1.6m From Bunnings Barbeques!

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Each time you go to Bunnings, there’s generally a community group cooking up fresh sausages and selling cold drinks. On many occasions, this is often your local Scout Group raising money for new equipment, or in preparation for a life changing camping experience!

In the year from June 2015, Scout Groups around Australia held 2300 BBQs and other events at Bunnings. Imagine cooking that many sausages! The hard work paid off though, with $1.6 million raised to support local Groups in delivering quality programs. Scouts Australia are appreciative of Bunnings’ support and encourage Groups to contact their local Bunnings if they would like to organise a fundraising BBQ or event.


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What Does Plan>Do>Review> Actually Look Like?

Have you heard about Plan > Do > Review >, but don’t fully understand it? A Cub Scout Leader from Western Australia has written how Plan > Do > Review > was used in their Section with incredible results! Read the blog about how it can work for you.


Hiking the Larapinta Trail towards 500km

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At 223km distance, the Northern Territory’s Larapinta Trail is acclaimed as one of Australia’s most spectacular bush walks. Recently returning home from walking a 60km section of the Trail, a NSW Cub Scout has been recognised for their efforts with the 50km Walkabout Award!

Hiking over the vast, flora and fauna decorated landscape, the Cub Scout felt a huge sense of achievement and experienced many adventures that couldn’t be captured by the cloth badge. In response to receiving the Award, the youth member said recognition with the badge was “all I got” for the amazing adventure.

Like this Scout, we have heard that our members love walking, and in response have produced 300km, 400km and 500km Walkabout Award badges!

With more hikes on the horizon for this Cub Scout, they will quickly increase their kilometres hiked, and are well on the way to achieving 500km and more!

To publicly recognise a Scout who has accomplished a great adventure, purchase the Walkabout Award Badge, from


100,000 Badges Recorded on Scout Central!

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Australian Scouts have been busy developing their skills with over 100,000 completed badges recorded in Scout Central over the past year! Since its launch, Scout Central has been growing as youth and adult leaders record award scheme progress, register attendance and download peer reviewed programs.

In the year to August 2016, Scout Central saw a 77% increase in programs uploaded to the Program Builder for other Scouts to use and adapt. With more programs being added every day, there’s always a new program idea that you can count on to fill in for 10 minutes or a whole camp.

Start using Scout Central Now!


Scouts raise money for McHappy Day

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For the past 10 years, thousands of Scouts have raised money for seriously ill children through participating in McHappy Day. This year 2,500 took part on the 12th of November. In recognition, McDonald's will be promoting Scouting on its traymats from mid January to mid February 2017 - watch out for them if you’re at McDonalds!


Introduction from Scouts Australia’s New Chief Instructor

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Scouts Australia are better positioning the delivery, experience and arrangement of Adventurous Activities in Scouting with the new position of Chief Instructor.

Experienced outdoor enthusiast, David Walsh, has been appointed to this role to continue improving the experience and coordination of Adventurous Activities within Scouting. To effectively deliver on a reputation of providing outdoor adventure to young people, the role encompasses support for future National Adventurous Activities Schools; administering the National Adventurous Activities Framework, Adventurous Activities Matrix, and Adventurous Activities data; and liaising with Instructors from Branches to ensure coordination of local and national activities.

Preparing for an increased emphasis on outdoor adventure with the continuing development of the Youth Program Review, the NSW Scouter is expecting to “have sufficiently qualified members to cover activity areas in each State, increasing the number of Instructors above 40.”


Keep up to Date with the Latest Publications

Due to recent changes in the Section Record Books, it’s sometimes tricky to know if you’ve got the latest edition. Now, with a new repository for updated resources, it’s easy to view updates and modifications to the Section Record Books!

On the resources portal of Scout Central, you can find updates to the Section Record Books, with downloadable and printable pages for recent badge updates. Coming soon to join the updated Cub Scout Record Book pages are Venturer section and Scout section versions.

Click here to see the updates!


Fieldbook for Australian Scouting

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The Fieldbook for Australian Scouting is your essential guide to outdoor adventure, challenge, resourcefulness and fun! You can learn skills such as gybing, used when sailing, or how to build an igloo! The Fieldbook is the perfect Christmas gift for your adventurous Scout! Order a copy now from, on sale for $19.95.


Recognise Scouts with Certificates and Gifts from

The festive period is upon us - a time when Scouts are often seen volunteering in their community with Christmas tree sales and volunteering for disadvantaged community groups.

As a sign of appreciation for Scouts who have achieved something great, or for businesses and organisations that have given to your Scouting Group has reduced the prices for packs of Certificates that can be awarded to deserving members of Scouts or the community.

There are also a new range of free, doanloadable templates on that can be printed and distributed. Downloadable templates include appointment to formal leadership role (Sixer, Patrol Leader), Award Scheme progression (Explorer Award, Bronze Boomerang etc) and general certificates of appreciation.

Joey Scout Certificate - 20 Pack

Cub Scout Certificate - 20 Pack

General Scout Certificate - 20 Pack

Certificate of Appreciation - 20 Pack

Appreciation Award Certificate

Other Certificates to acknowledge milestones

Joey Scout Advancement Certificate - 20 Pack

Cub Scout Advancement Certificate

Scout Advancement Certificate


Scouts Australia Gift Boxed Pen Set

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Say thank you and “recognise that someone had a choice – they did not have to do something in a certain way” says Siddhesh Jaisawal in his article “Why is saying thank you so important for anyone?” If you are thinking about thank you gifts for your Leaders or other significant supporters of your Group, the have a beautiful Scouts Australia Gift Boxed Pen Set, engraved with the Scouts Australia logo and featuring a high quality black ballpoint and black rollerball pen. Check them out here.


What Goes on at Chatswood – the National Support Team of Scouts Australia?

While Scouting’s heart lies in its Groups embedded in their local communities, you may not know what ‘else’ happens in Australian Scouting. We’ve put together a snapshot of the Scouts Australia team of professionals employed to support the volunteers. While the National Support Team may seem far removed, many of their tasks ultimately effect the day to day Scouting of our 70,000 members.

Alison supports the International Office and works with the National Contingent Leaders, a job which allows our members to experience Scouting internationally, and to keep connected to the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. As you can imagine with over 1,000 members travelling overseas each year on Scouting adventures, there are lots of details to keep on top of!

Esther and Emma, both uniformed Leaders, work with the Youth Program Team and YPR Teams to support the delivery of the Program. In particular, they ensure resources are available to Leaders for program delivery. With such a close connection to the Scout Program it is unsurprising they are both extremely active and enthusiastic members of Scouting. Emma is Cub Leader, a Branch Leader in Victoria, assisting with the upcoming Moot, and a member of the YPR and Youth Program Teams. Esther is a Venturer Leader, part of the Activities Team for The Moot, the Marketing Officer for Vic Gathering and on the Victorian Scout Abseiling Team and a member of the YPR Team. Recently she had the unforgettable experience of awarding her brother his Queen’s Scout Award!

Jeffrey and Tara work in the vital area of Scout Training. One of the great assets of Australian Scouting is its Registered Training Organisation status, that enables our older Youth Members and Leaders with Scouting qualifications to have these officially recognised outside of Scouting. To keep this status, Scouts Australia must ensure that it remains compliant in a constantly changing environment of accredited outcomes and government frameworks. While a time-consuming process, it ensures that through participating in the Award Scheme, our older Youth Members can achieve qualifications they can use in the workplace. Similarly, Leaders can earn recognised qualifications in Leader training. With the introduction of Adventurous Activities qualifications, Scouting is actively training qualified Activity Leaders. The more qualified Leaders we have the easier it is to be able to offer adventurous activities to all our Members.

The other essential side of training is our Leader training, delivered by Branches. Leader training requires a level of national co-ordination to ensure training remains consistent and compliant. Both Tara and Jeffrey are Leaders of Youth, Tara at Cub Scouts and Jeffrey at Venturer Scouts.

Managing the national marketing, publications, online resources and the retailing side of Scouting also takes place at a national level. If you ever have a query about Scout Central, it’s likely that Angus had answered it. Angus works to ensure Scouting’s IT assets and other online resources are functioning correctly, as well as assisting in the strategic planning of new features. At the same time, he is a Joey Scout Leader, recipient of the Asia Pacific Region Outstanding Scout Award, and the National Rover Council Vice-Chair.

As well as training, Tara works with youth program to develop content for Scout publications, then oversees the design and printing stage, until they are delivered to your Branch, Scoutshop or other retailer. Luke, a Rover Scout and university student, is our eNews Editor, and creates engaging content for Scouts Australia’s social media. Christina leads the team, developing strategy for our digital resources, publishing and communications, liaising with corporate partners in promotions and protecting the Scouting brand. Christina also works with the contractors who operate Scoutshop to build the business so it can continue to deliver uniform and Scouting supplies to our members.

Key decisions for the direction of Scouting in Australia are made by the National Executive Committee which consists of the members from each Branch, and the National Team lead by Chief Commissioner of Australia, Chris Bates and the National Executive Chair, Dennis Green. Supporting them are many other committees dealing with all aspects of Scouting. Behind the committee structure are support staff, who make things happen.

The National Chief Executive, Marty, has a wealth of knowledge through his involvement in Scouting. Marty has held volunteer roles such as a Scout Leader, District Commissioner, Chief Commissioner of WA Branch and was also a National Contingent Leader. Marty provides leadership to the National Support Team to ensure the strategic direction of Scouting in Australia. Marty works with the Chief Commissioner of Australia and the National Executive Chair through his representation on National Committees and ensures key decisions and policies are implemented and that processes adhere to corporate governance practices and aligned with legislation. Marty represents The Scout Association of Australia on many external national forums and committees and promotes Scouts within the business community while identifying opportunities for partnerships with other external organisations.

Norma is the Operations Manager. Norma ensures the National Support Team and the senior volunteers have access to the necessary resources they require to do their role. Norma works with Marty to implement decisions made by the National Committees and supports the National Support Team by managing the office effectively by implementing processes, procedures and HR practices. Norma is an active parent supporter of her local Group where her son is a Venturer and her husband holds the Group Committee role of Chairman and she was also a Venturer and Rover. The cheerful voice answering the phone is Estelle who manages the logistics of the many national meetings required for developing Scouting and holds a key function in supporting the key senior volunteers and Marty and Norma in their roles. A crucial area for any organisation is managing its finances, and Naeem, Financial Controller, and Jenny, National Accountant, ensure that the accounts are maintained and timely, and that accounting practices comply with accounting standards and regulations!

Finally, many Scouts who would not have had the chance to join Scouting or attend events like Jamborees, have done so through the funds raised by the Lord Baden-Powell Society, administered by Annie. Hundreds of former Scouts contribute each year to the Society which aims to ensure that no young person misses out of the chance of becoming a Scout through financial disadvantage. Annie finds talking to these members a joy, and loves sharing their satisfaction and excitement when they are able to make a significant contribution to Scouting that directly benefits young people.

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From left to right. Back: Marty, Emma, Jeffrey, Angus, Naeem.
Front: Christina, Jenny, Norma, Alison, Tara