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Scouts Australia eNews - February 2016

Welcome Back to Scouts for 2016

Chiefy Group Photo

For many Scouts the holidays meant getting wet, then wetter, before the sun shone at the Australian Jamboree at Cataract Scout Park. Even so, Scouts were still smiling as they were challenged by the unique and fun learning experiences that Jamborees provide. Only three years until the next one!

I also visited our Venturer Scouts at the New Zealand Venture as they were black water rafting, one of the many adrenalin-raising activities on offer.

What are you doing for the Cub Scout Centenary? With 100 years to celebrate, there are so many things a Pack, Group or District can do. Been out of Cub Scouts for a while? Preparations are now finalising for The Moot in Mafeking, Victoria in December 2016. We hope to see ALL Rover Scouts there.

Enjoy another year of great Scouting!

Chris Bates, Chief Commissioner of Australia

Pictured is Chief Commissioner of Australia, Chris Bates, with a group of Scouts at AJ2016.

World Scout Foundation Board Meeting and 69th Baden-Powell Fellowship Event are coming to Australia!

Scouts Victoria, on behalf of Scouts Australia, will host the World Scout Foundation Board Meeting and 69th Baden-Powell Fellowship Event in Melbourne, March 17-21.

His Majesty, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Honorary Chairman of the World Scout Foundation, will attend with many other Baden-Powell fellows from around the world.

The World Scout Foundation events will provide Scouts Australia with an opportunity to showcase Australian Scouting. And there are many ways Scouting families can be involved – to find out more about these events and how you can attend them, visit the event website, read the event flier here, or to find out more about what the World Scout Foundation is and what it does, check out the World Scout Foundation website.

Founders Day 2016

The Chairs of WOSM and WAGGGS have issued an inspirational joint statement reflecting on the achievements of Scouters and Guiders for Founders Day 2016 (22nd February).

“From the relief response mobilized in the immediate aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake, to the sustained and co-ordinated efforts in place to support refugees displaced from their homes, to our joint delegation to COP21 lobbying global leaders to take action now in relation to climate change, the contribution and impact of Scouts and Guides all over the world has been significant".

Both WOSM and WAGGGS conclude that Baden-Powell’s last message to ‘produce healthy, happy, helpful citizens’ remains as relevant today as it was in 1941. As you prepare for Founders Day, read the full statement here.

2016 Australia Day Honours

Scouts from around Australia were recognised for service and citizenship to their community in the 2016 Australia Day Honours. Scouts also featured prominently in many local citizenship awards. Scouts Australia sincerely congratulates the following members:

Member (AM) in the General Division

  • Immediate Past Chief Commissioner of Australia and Chief Director of AJ2019, Reg Williams RFD for significant service to youth through Scouting at the local and national level, to historical organisations, and to the community.


Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division

  • Paul Parkinson, Principal, Scouts Australia Institute of Training for service to youth through Scouting.
  • Peter Walton, WA Chairman for service to youth through Scouting, to student exchange programs, and to education.
  • Alan Brook
  • Barb Brook
  • Bob Dare
  • George McPherson
  • Valerie McPherson
  • Greg Samson
  • Denise Begg
  • Geoffrey Grenfell


The following Scouts and leaders earned official recognition in their local community citizenship awards. We realise we may not have everyone’s names on this list, so if you have an award to report, email us at


  • Russell Burton
  • Scott Hamilton
  • Daniel Achterdenbosch
  • Chandler Lancaster
  • Brooke Lauder
  • Sharina Mayman
  • Troy Oates
  • Kaija Pedler
  • Matthew Smith
  • Corey Loader
  • Douglas Jackson
  • Aiden King
  • 4th Mordialloc Sea Scout Group



  • Nick Bennett
  • Aaron Newton
  • William Thomas Fuller


South Australia

  • Jordan Hawkey
  • James Harvey
  • Scott Gaskin


Western Australia

  • Elodie Prinsloo
  • Olivia Murfit
  • Suzy Oldham
  • Derby Scout Group
  • Carey Park Scouts
  • Derby Scout Group
  • Scouts WA's Gilcreek Scout Campsite



  • Michelle Barry


How do you Plan Do Review?

Plan > Do > Review > (P>D>R>) is something everyone in Scouting can do now! P>D>R> ensures everyone’s Scouting adventures are well-planned by youth members, well-led by youth members, and improve every time. Adventures using P>D>R> become more fun, safe and adventurous, and continue to challenge everyone involved. ‘Youth-led’ empowers youth members to do the activities they want.


Youth members plan all activities either - individually, in a small team, or as a section. Plan everything you do with leader support!

The planning of an adventure! It’s the stage in which an activity is organised, gear sourced, skills learnt, and goals set. Planning happens for everything from major expeditions to a week-night game and can occur anywhere. Planning can be done as a small team, the whole section or at a section council meeting.


Go on your youth-led adventure, get new skills, and HAVE FUN!

Going on an adventure is the 'do' of the P>D>R> cycle. It’s where skills are put to the test and further developed, fun is had, challenges are conquered, memories made and new experiences discovered. It’s important that your adventure is youth-led, adult-supported. This will further develop youth members’ skills and provide opportunities for leadership growth. Remember to always make sure your adventure is fun, challenging, inclusive and adventurous.


Reflect on your adventure to celebrate your success and to help create even better activities next time!

An activity is not complete without reviewing what was achieved. Whether it’s on the way home, at the next section meeting night, an online conversation, quick discussion at closing, or meeting at a relaxed place. Things to think about while reviewing are: what was learnt, how can it be improved for next time, what were the benefits to each individual, or maybe something that was noticed about the environment during the activity.

There’s nothing stopping your group using Plan > Do > Review > to start off 2016! Find out more about using P>D>R> and watch the video here!

21st New Zealand Jamboree

Are you still excited and looking for more adventures following the 2016 Australian Jamboree?

The 21st New Zealand Jamboree provides an International Scouting experience for Scout section aged youth and adult supporters over the 2016/2017 summer holidays. For more information, head to the Australian Contingent website.

AJ's Got Talent Takes Scout to Performing at the Opera House

Scout with Adam Hills

Young comedian, James McNaughton received a standing ovation from the crowd when he performed at Sydney Opera House with comedian Adam Hills.

Aaron Le Clerc, James’ Scout Leader and friend of Adam Hills, arranged for Adam to provide James with techniques for calming the nerves before entering the 2016 Jamboree ‘AJ’s Got Talent’ final. Hills, a former Scout and attendee at the 1982/83 Ipswich Jamboree, was so impressed that James and family were invited to his sell out show “Clown Heart” at the Opera House on 15th January.

Unexpectedly, James was invited onto the stage mid-show and invited to perform his routine in front of a packed Concert Hall! The crowd erupted into thunderous applause.

After a Jamboree full of ‘Leaping into Adventure’, James finished off his stardom with a visit to the Green Room and an experience not soon forgotten.

Pictured is Adam Hills (left) with James after the performance

Newly Elected National Rover Council Executive

Rover Scouts held a productive annual National Rover Council Conference in January, exploring and debating new opportunities for the Rover Section. Topics discussed included the Youth Program Review, Training, and Youth Involvement; along with 40 agenda items and 18 workshops.

At the conference the first winner of the Crew Challenge was announced. A massive BRAVO to Coogee Rovers (NSW) for their Decanyonathalon.

The 2016 NRC executive are;

  • Ben Cherry-Smith (QLD) elected as Chair,
  • Angus Boxall (NSW) as Vice-Chair,
  • Lizz Affleck (SA) as Training and Development Officer, and
  • Michael Ford (VIC) who takes on the newly formed Executive role of Secretary.


2016/17 NRC Executive

Pictured above from left to right is Michael Ford, Lizz Affleck, Ben Cherry-Smith and Angus Boxall

New Features for Scout Central

Changes to Scout Central will make it easier for you to run your Section. You can now schedule meeting nights and come back later to fill in a program, assisting with long term programming. You can now also print out your term programs or individual nights as a PDF. It will list all the fields you’ve filled in, including location, equipment, Areas of Personal Growth (AoPG) and links to any online resources.

Adult members are now included on register and program printouts, and we’ve improved the view of register sheets for smartphone use.

You can now link photo albums you may have taken to the programs you’ve created as a record of the event.

Finally, you can now record the number of nights and/or kilometres that members have done on a camp or excursion. As it automatically carries the tally as you move Sections, record keeping for the Walk-a-Bout and Nights Under Canvas badges becomes easy. Check out the Scout Central Handbook for more details.

The Centenary of Cub Scouts year has begun! Throughout the year there will be lots of opportunities for Cub Scouts to participate in activities, challenges and competitions. Cub Scout Centenary events held by Packs can be shared with all Scouting members by submitting your event to the calendar.

International Scouting

Scouts Australia received a grant from the Australia Japan Foundation to sponsor 1 Leader and 2 youth members from the Greater Tohuko Region to AJ2016. All three female members lost their homes in the 2011 devastating earthquake and tsunami and we hope that their experience at the Jamboree will assist in their recovery. The grant will also enable us to sponsor students through SISEP later this year.

Two Leaders and 8 youth members from Timor-Leste were sponsored by Scouts Australia and the 1st Haberfield Scout Group, NSW Branch, to attend the Jamboree. Scouts Australia also sponsored 1 Leader and 2 youth members from Papua New Guinea. The South Australian Branch provided sponsorship to Fiji Scouts, NSW Branch to New Caledonian Scouts and 2nd/7th West Waverley Scout Group, Victorian Branch, to Tongan Scouts to attend AJ2016. These youth and Leaders would not have had these opportunities were it not for these sponsorships.

Did you know that you can now use your normal scout woggle, or the Scout friendship knot, on your international scarf when travelling overseas? For instructions on how to tie the friendship knot, watch the video by ScoutTV!