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Scouts Australia National News - August 2016

Walkabout Award and Camper Award - Two New National Badges Scouts Can Earn!

To encourage our Scouts to get active and go camping and hiking, Scouts Australia has two badges which are now nationally available and feature in the Record Books of each Section and on Scout Central. The Walkabout and the Camper Award Badges may be worn above the pocket of the uniform below the World Badge. Camper and Walkabout Award badges can be purchased through Scoutshop.

Walkabout Award

At different distances of 10, 50, 100, 150, or 200 kilometers, you can show your record to your section council to be awarded this badge. You may also earn the Walkabout Award through other methods, i.e. canoeing, bike riding, etc. Scouts are encouraged to go on various adventures, through different methods. They can all count towards the achievement of this Award. Section Councils should consider the appropriate conversion rates for alternate methods i.e. a Scout would need to bike ride further to achieve the same number of hiked kilometers.

Camper Award

This Award can be earnt at 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 nights under canvas. It is required that these nights be spent under canvas or under the stars. Any indoor camps, or non-Scouting camps do not count towards achieving this Award.

For the two badges the tally is ongoing and records should be passed through each Section so it continues on and isn’t started again. Only one badge is to be worn at any time. Once a new badge has been earnt it replaces the previous badge. The highest achievable badge is 100 nights for the Camper Award and 200 Kilometres for the Walkabout Award. An individual will not be allowed to have two badges that represent a higher tally unless the maximum badge has been reached. When you reach the maximum kms or nights as per the highest badge, you may then add other badge beside the highest badge. It is at the discretion of the group as to how far back you go, remember that you should have a record of your hikes and camps to get the badge. These can be recorded on Scout Central.


Peak Awards - Ensuring Consistency Across Australia

Earlier this year the National Operations Committee (National Team and Chief Commissioners) agreed the highest awards in the Award Scheme should always be awarded if the requirements are met as they appear in the Section Record Books. The Joey Scout Promise Challenge, Cub Scout Grey Wolf, Australian Scout Medallion, Queen’s Scout and Baden-Powell Scout Award are all awards set nationally. However from time to time, some Leaders ask for more than the stated requirements.

Scouts Australia wishes to ensure that all our youth members are required only to meet the standards as outlined nationally, and we want to hear about any inconsistencies in how they are awarded. If you have any concerns regarding things that you have to do to achieve a badge that are not in the record book, please email Ensure you include your Name, Group, Branch, and concerns so that we can get the help required to fix the issue for you.


2016 Adult Recognition Awards

August 1st was World Scout Day and World Scout Scarf Day when many members proudly wore their scarves to school and work. The date marked 109 years since the first ever Scout camp on Brownsea Island. Since then Scouting has grown to 40 million+ members worldwide. Scouts Australia also announced the recipients of Adult Recognition Awards for 2016. We sincerely congratulate and thank all those members and supporters who have contributed so much to our Movement.

See the full list of recipients: here.

What's new from the Youth Program Review?

Wondered what the YPR has been doing recently? Have you checked out the latest on the YPR website? Exciting possibilities are on the horizon. Soon we will again be seeking your valued opinion. Please join us in the conversation and share your thoughts.

To read the full update, head to the YPR website -


Cub Centenary Weekend Review

Cub Scouts in Australia had a HUGE weekend in July celebrating 100 years with campfires, cakes, picnics and more around Australia. A highlight of the weekend was the synchronised campfire on July 30th where all Cub Scouts reaffirmed their Promise at 8pm. On top of all these celebrations, there were Cub Scouts sleepover at Australia Zoo, a party at NSW Government House and Tasmanian Scouts holding a Lantern Walk to mark the anniversary.

Use #cub100 on social media to see what Scouts near you got up to!

To see some photos of NSW Cub Centenary Celebrations at NSW Government House, click here!


International Day of Peace

On the 21st of September 2016, we invite Scouts across Australia to celebrate this year's United Nations - International Peace Day. International Peace Day in 2016 has the theme “Building Blocks for Peace”, and we encourage all Australian Scouts to celebrate peace through active community involvement. You can use this opportunity to work towards your Messengers of Peace Badge. Messenger of Peace Guidelines can be found on the Scout Central homepage or by following this link.

You could start your own Messenger of Peace project, or get involved in these really awesome existing projects from Scouts around the world:

  1. Trees for Peace – A Messenger of Peace activity whereby Scouts are encouraged to plant trees for peace. Trees for Peace supports the Sustainable Development Goals, and encourages young people to be aware of their environmental impact, and contribute to the conservation efforts.
  2. Youth Speech for Peace – Organize the local community to come together and listen to young people in their community who have organized a Messenger of Peace project previously, to inspire, teach and engage the community in ways they can contribute to peace culture.
  3. Peace Pledge – Encourage Scouts to take Selfies holding a sign that says “Peace Starts with Me” and post it onto with their peace message. This activity gets Scouts to think about peace, and learn to develop a sense of peace within themselves. Once you are at Peace with Yourself, you can share that with others and inspire them.

Don’t forget to tell Scouts across the globe you are celebrating International Peace Day by uploading your stories and photos to, and use the hashtag #MessengersOfPeace and #PeaceDay.


McHappy Day 2016

Last year McHappy Day raised $3.6 million for Ronald McDonald House Charities which support seriously ill children and their families. This year, your Group can help fundraise for the charity on the 12th November 2016. The charity provides housing for families so they can stay close to children in hospital, hospital family rooms, tutoring to help sick children keep up with school, and mobile health for rural children. Find out more about RMDH Charities at Ronald McDonald House Charities website.

If you’d like to participate in McHappy Day 2016, check out the list for your closest participating restaurant here, then fill in this form, or contact your Branch.


International Youth Day

August 12 was International Youth Day and the theme for this year was “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production”.

This year there was a special focus on the leading role young people play in eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable development through sustainable consumption and production. The UN defines sustainable consumption as “using products that meet the basic needs of communities while keeping in mind the needs of future generations”. While many young people aim to be eco-friendly and efficient with consumption, many continue to face barriers to making green choices. These barriers include high prices of goods and services and lack of information about what options are available.

August 12 was a day used to celebrate young people’s views and initiatives. It gives the world an opportunity to recognise the importance of youth efforts, encourages collaboration and acknowledges that the participation of young people in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal’s are the only way to create lasting change.

Did your Scouting community celebrate on August 12? For more information check out the the UN Youth Envoy’s Facebook Page or visit their website.


National Science Week

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology and thousands of individuals – from students, to scientists to chefs and musicians – get involved, taking part in more than 1000 science events across the nation.

As a informal educational movement, Scouts Australia compliments and supplements formal science education. As an example, The Chemistry of Scouting is a collaboration between Scouts ACT and the Australian National University’s Research School of Chemistry. Each participant will attend a talk by a scientist, have two hands-on laboratory sessions, watch a fire safety demonstration, make ice cream using liquid nitrogen and take part in water-testing, as well as seeing various hands-on displays.

Maybe your Section could do scientific activities during Science Week (13–21 August 2016). Check out Scout Central's Program of the Month for an easy to run science activity! Alternatively, view events being held near you at the National Science Week website.

Some content for this article sourced from K. F. Lim, “National Science Week: taking STEM education out of
the classroom”, Chemistry in Australia, 2016 (August), page 38.


Have You Tried Scout Central Yet?

Want to build quality programs in a few minutes? Record attendance and check your members' section register online? Keep track of your award scheme online? You can even find out about new Scouting opportunities for you.

Scout Central has features for adult Leaders and youth members. Log into Scout Central and explore its features:

  • Track attendance and log award scheme achievements for your formation
  • Digitally store documents and photos in Scout Cloud - a secure portal for your formation
  • Be informed about events around the country.
  • Join In Adventures is an online pinboard where groups share their events for others to attend.
  • The Program Builder allows Leaders and youth to seamlessly create detailed, quality programs, linked with the Scout Method, Award Scheme and Areas of Personal Growth, save and print them out in a few minutes.
  • Need a quick activity to fill in time? Search the Program Finder for activities and extensive programs that are adaptable for any occasion.
  • Add youth achievements to the Hall of Fame.

To get started using Scout Central, explore the Scout Central Program of the Month which will show you how to develop, create, individualise and use the Program Building tool.


Children's Week is this October

Children’s Week is an opportunity to celebrate the rights of the child in your State or Territory. From the 22nd October to 30th October, children's week encourages the community, children’s services, support groups, schools, youth and community groups to plan and conduct events to celebrate childhood and to highlight issues involved in childhood and youth.

There are grants available in some states to assist organising a Children’s Week activity. The Children’s Week Council of Australia website will help you access these state and territory based grants.


Learn Bushwalking Theory on eLearning

All adult Leaders of Scouts, Venturers and Rovers complete the Scouts Level 1 Bushwalking as a part of their basic Leader training. This training is also available to Venturers, Rovers and all other adult members.

After completing the e-Learning you can either contact your State Office to book a place on the next practical weekend for Level 1 Bushwalking or if you have plenty of evidence to show that you have relevant experience you could complete a recognition of proficiency workbook. Contact your Branch Training team for more information.