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Youth Program Review Shaking Up Scouting

YPR at AV2015

thecrate The progress of the Youth Program Review was on show for all in attendance at the AV2015, the 16th Australian Venture, in SA in January. Venturers and Leaders took the opportunity to explore “theCrate” where some of the findings of the YPR so far were on show. Infographics hung from the trees and made for great discussion points for anyone passing through to chat with the YPR team. These findings incorporated the work of McCrindle Research, some of our ‘Stage 3’ volunteer teams, as well as previous research and findings from the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

AV2015 was also a great opportunity to gather feedback from members through surveys. Participants soon became used to the sight of iPads handed around at dinner times with inbuilt surveys, along with the antics of “theCrate Mini” golf buggy as it drove around site engaging with youth and adults alike.

info boards at AV2015

Keep your eyes out for more YPR news over the coming months as the review progresses into its next exciting stage.


Latest YPR McCrindle Research 
As Australian society changes over time, so must many areas of Scouting in order to remain relevant, exciting, contemporary, and up to speed with the needs of Australian youth and the interests of their families. The Youth Program Review (YPR) has to consider a lot of things in order to recommend the changes that are the best-fit for both Australia today and for the Scout Movement.

In order to help achieve this, Scouts Australia commissioned McCrindle Research to help establish the needs and desires of Australian families, and also to explore the nature and interests of our present and upcoming generations of potential youth members.

McCrindleMcCrindle’s latest findings are presented in two documents available online.

McCrindle Research YPR Phase 2"Understanding the needs and desires of Australian Families for a national youth program" - a comparative analysis of surveys of Scouting parents & Non-Scouting parents Australia-wide. These surveys included one of over 1,000 non-Scouting parents and one of over 1,800 Scouting parents - you may well know someone who took part!

McCrindle Research YPR Phase 3: "Understanding the factors shaping the world of Generation Alpha and Generation Z" - a scoping study providing a glimpse into the future of Generations Z & Alpha, identifying strengths and weaknesses of, plus possible opportunities and threats for Scouts Australia.

These two reports build on the work previously completed for the YPR by McCrindle in their Phase 1 initial exploratory analysis.

Technology is changing more than just the way we communicate; it is influencing our attention spans, our desire to have our opinions heard, how leadership structures best-operate... the list goes on. McCrindle identify that we are entering the largest baby boom in decades; how will this impact upon Scouting in Australia? This is an exciting period of change in our society that shows little sign of slowing. As such, this is also an exciting time of opportunity for Scouts Australia.

McCrindle's report on the two parent-opinion surveys identifies some important trends, plus some similarities and differences in the opinions of Scouting and non-Scouting families. The report suggests that Australian families as a whole show similar hopes for their children in relation to values. It suggests that Scouting in Australia is not representative of the cultural and economic diversity of our community. It identifies that Scouting is well-placed in terms of the kind of program it offers, with great importance placed in young people getting outdoors, learning by doing, and developing skills for life. We may be well-placed, but do we always deliver?

Is this research a glimpse into the world that characterises Scouting members and their families in Australia? 

What are your thoughts on the findings of this research? 

Does it reflect Scouting in your area?

Get online to to check out the reports, and to have your say.


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