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PandRPolicy and Rules 2014 out in Print and as an e-Book

The latest Policy and Rules (Policy and Rules 2014) has been released in print version, outlining the changes made to Scouts Australia’s rules up to the 2014 Annual General Meeting.  

You can now obtain your copy from your local Scouting retailer.

The e-Book version is also available on iTunes. To download your copy click here.


Scouting For Boys


Scouting For Boys as an e-Book


Scouting for Boys, the Australian Edition, as released for the 75th Anniversary of Scouting in 1982, has also been released on iTunes and can be found at via clicking this link. Make sure you get your copy today!


Scouts Australia is growing its collection of digital products including ebooks on iTunes.  Search for Scouts Australia in the iTunes menu to find more.


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